January 7, 2018

December Daily - The Completed Album

I've shown parts of my album here and on Instagram but those posts just showed a page or two at a time and they were generally out of order as well.  I had a few people ask if I could share a flip-through of the entire album.  Now I have absolutely no experience with video but I managed to film a short and very amateur clip and am sharing it here.  A few words before you watch...

I've been making December Daily albums since 2008 and over the years have changed my approach to make this project easier for me.  I want the albums to show an overview of Christmas, and when I look back at my older albums, I definitely get the "feel" of each particular year.  I love Ali's concept but I just can't do it on a daily basis without being completely stressed.  

I've written several posts on my approach.  This one is about what works for me.  This one is about using past albums to get ideas and this one is about using memorabilia and ephemera.

And here is the video:

If you have any questions about what I used, please leave a comment below.  Thanks for watching!


  1. I absolutely love an album with all different size page protectors and interactive elements. Beautiful DD album, Susan, and I love that you do what works for you. And I think you have a pretty good future as a Youtube videographer, too! ;)

    1. Thank you,, Joanne! Don't hold your breath on the YouTube career though - I'm not sure I'm ready to make that leap!

  2. One of the loveliest Christmas journals I've ever seen. It's gorgeous and makes me want to copy it page for page! I love the mix of size and details. I need to learn from you - seriously!