January 4, 2018

January CKC Kit / Forgeries on the Fourth

I knew that I wanted to replicate some of the cards from the Cocoa Daisy "Fair Isle" pocket kit as soon as I got my first look at the inspiration.  Here are the Cocoa Daisy pocket cards:

Cocoa Daisy "Fair Isle" Pocket Kit
I decided I'd start with this one:

Although I have a few puffy sticker coffee cups nearly identical to the image above and could have used one of them along with some stamps, I thought I'd try my hand at making a digital version instead - I used my iPhone, the Letterglow app, the Print to Size app, a digital stamp from Studio Calico and Dropbox.  Here are the details:
  1. I uploaded the coffee cup image from the digital stamp to Dropbox.
  2. I opened the Letterglow app on my phone, selected "new project" and then "canvas", choosing the 4:3 option.
  3. Once the blank canvas appeared on my screen, I selected the graphics option, then the photo/logo option and then dropbox.  I found the digital stamp in my files and clicked on it which added it to my canvas.  I increased the size of the stamp and then positioned it toward the lower left portion of the canvas.
  4. I clicked on the arrow key at the bottom of my screen and then selected the text option to add the words to the card. I typed the phrase and played around with the font choice and size until I liked the look of the words.  I also added returns to divide up the words to match the original card.  The final Letterglow step was to save the card to my camera roll.
  5. I then opened the Print to Size app and, making sure the page size was 4x6, I added the card and sized it at 3x4.  I selected "export as PDF" and then the files option, saving it in the pages folder.
  6. I then opened the Dropbox app on my phone, selected "+" and then "create or upload file", "upload file", "browse" and then selected the card I'd made.  Still with me??? There's just one more step.
  7. After the card was uploaded to Dropbox, I opened Dropbox on my computer, saved that card to my computer and then printed it out on white cardstock using my regular printer.
Editing on the Letterglow app
Now there's probably an easier way to do this but it isn't as complicated to make as it might seem, I promise! I was really pleased with the result, especially after I colored in the cup and added some small dots using a few Sharpie markers.

My next forgery was the tree card in the second row from the inspiration kit.  I have a stamp set from The Stamp Market that includes a very similar tree image so this one was easy to put together:

And the final card (right next to the tree card in the inspiration kit) was the easiest of the three.  I used a snowflake punch on white cardstock and then added the punched shape to a striped card from a Kelly Purkey kit.  To finish it off, I placed a phrase strip from Pretty Little Studio in the center of the snowflake. I don't think that exact product is still available since it was from 2016 but any holiday or winter phrase would be fine to use.
I hope these gave you some ideas on how to replicate some of the cards in the inspiration kit.  I'll be revealing my mini-kit and project for the month both here and on the CKC blog on the 6th - please check back then!


  1. I love this idea of DIY journal cards! Thanks for sharing how you do it with an app!

    1. You're welcome, Christi - glad you found it helpful!

  2. Oh wow! Susan you are a genius! I would never have thought of using a digital stamp and couldn't quite follow it just reading but I will be copying your instructions and having a go! You are a star! Thanks :-)

    1. Lisa, it was much easier to do than explain!