March 4, 2018

March CKC Kit / Forgeries on the Fourth

Since I selected and put together our March inspiration kit, I only thought it fair that I should try my hand at some forgeries this month as well.  To refresh your memory, here is the kit:

I chose to make my own versions of the wood grain patterned paper with the hearts, the metal-rimmed square tags, and the puffy sticker asterisks.  Let's start with my attempt at the paper first.

I thought the easiest way to duplicate the paper would be to stamp hearts in white ink on a wood grain paper.  I pulled out my supplies: three white inks (I wasn't sure which would be best), a 6x6 sheet of wood grain paper, a heart stamp and stamping block, and a white Jane Davenport paint over pen.

I tried all three inks and the pen and the hearts practically disappeared into the paper.  I pulled a darker wood grain and tried again.  The hearts were a little darker but there still wasn't enough of a contrast for them to be easily seen.  After digging around for a while to find another option, I found a white uni-ball signo broad pen and gave that a try - it worked! I drew the hearts by hand but you could use a heart stencil if you wanted more uniform hearts.  Here is the final result:

Now on to the tags...I started with a piece of a bright watercolor paper from Elle's Studio, a silver metallic Sharpie, some white crochet thread, a square stamp block, and my Crop-A-Dile:

I trimmed two 2x2" squares from the paper, then placed the stamp block (which was just slightly smaller than 2x2") on top of one of the squares, and then traced around it with the Sharpie.  To finish them off, I punched a hole and then added the thread.  Here is how the tags look:

I gathered a small star punch, the leftover paper from the above tags, and a bottle of Glossy Accents from Ranger to help me recreate the asterisk puffy stickers:

I punched a few hearts and then applied a light coat of glossy accents over the top of each one and let them dry:

They have a kind of dimensional look that is more like an enamel shape than a puffy sticker but I'm happy with the end result. 

I hope this sparks some ideas for you about how you might be able to create your own version of a scrapbooking product.  Stop by the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog for more ideas and don't forget to share what you make with us!