October 18, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2011

Hello there! Are you ready to take a look back at my 2011 December Daily with me?

My album that year was from 7gypsies.  It's actually a set of book cover pages that I hole-punched and held together with book rings.  I purchased a few sets of these covers and have used them for several of my December Daily projects so you'll be seeing them again.  I'm not sure if 7gypsies still make these but I came upon another set of them in Hobby Lobby in the last year or so.  This particular set is sized at 5"x7".

One of the advantages of a deconstructed album like this is that you're able to include a larger number of pages than in a more traditional album with a spine, and you also have some freedom to make the pages a little more bulky if you'd like.  The tree and year on the front cover are rub-ons that I added and they've held up very well over the years.  I'm not sure what adhesive I used at the time but it definitely did not fare as well.  I did a lot of repair work while I was revisiting this album.  The pages are a variety of sizes and I was still numbering my pages.

My favorite page in this album is one that features a screenshot of a YouTube video that was (and still is) a favorite in our family.  It's a cute animated music video of Santa and a couple of his reindeer singing "White Christmas".

I added just a bit of journaling to explain the significance of the photo.  (If you're curious, you can watch the video here.)  I love how this page brings back a fun memory.  You probably have favorite holiday videos of your own - have you included a screenshot of them in your December Daily?

The "For today" journaling technique that I pointed out from my 2009 album makes an appearance in the 2011 album.  It's nice to repeat things like this to see how things are different (or the same) from year to year.

I also like including shopping lists and menus in my December Daily.  I tucked them into a glassine bag on this page.

The opposite page consists of a postcard that came with something I'd ordered online.  You might want to include "found" items like this to add a little variety to your album - keep your eye open for business cards, promo material and freebies.  This particular postcard has a winter theme but don't limit yourself to just seasonal items.  Something a bit different can be a nice departure from the usual holiday theme and color scheme.

So that's a glimpse of my 2011 December Daily.  If you missed any of the previous posts, I've linked them below:

Thanks for joining me today.  My 2012 December Daily is coming up next!


  1. I love seeing your past albums! All so unique!

    1. Thanks so much, Lorilei! I truly love making these and the memories they bring back make me very happy!