October 18, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2011

Hello there! Are you ready to take a look back at my 2011 December Daily with me?

My album that year was from 7gypsies.  It's actually a set of book cover pages that I hole-punched and held together with book rings.  I purchased a few sets of these covers and have used them for several of my December Daily projects so you'll be seeing them again.  I'm not sure if 7gypsies still make these but I came upon another set of them in Hobby Lobby in the last year or so.  This particular set is sized at 5"x7".

One of the advantages of a deconstructed album like this is that you're able to include a larger number of pages than in a more traditional album with a spine, and you also have some freedom to make the pages a little more bulky if you'd like.  The tree and year on the front cover are rub-ons that I added and they've held up very well over the years.  I'm not sure what adhesive I used at the time but it definitely did not fare as well.  I did a lot of repair work while I was revisiting this album.  The pages are a variety of sizes and I was still numbering my pages.

My favorite page in this album is one that features a screenshot of a YouTube video that was (and still is) a favorite in our family.  It's a cute animated music video of Santa and a couple of his reindeer singing "White Christmas".

I added just a bit of journaling to explain the significance of the photo.  (If you're curious, you can watch the video here.)  I love how this page brings back a fun memory.  You probably have favorite holiday videos of your own - have you included a screenshot of them in your December Daily?

The "For today" journaling technique that I pointed out from my 2009 album makes an appearance in the 2011 album.  It's nice to repeat things like this to see how things are different (or the same) from year to year.

I also like including shopping lists and menus in my December Daily.  I tucked them into a glassine bag on this page.

The opposite page consists of a postcard that came with something I'd ordered online.  You might want to include "found" items like this to add a little variety to your album - keep your eye open for business cards, promo material and freebies.  This particular postcard has a winter theme but don't limit yourself to just seasonal items.  Something a bit different can be a nice departure from the usual holiday theme and color scheme.

So that's a glimpse of my 2011 December Daily.  If you missed any of the previous posts, I've linked them below:

Thanks for joining me today.  My 2012 December Daily is coming up next!

October 15, 2018

Those Unloved Pocket Cards

If you do any kind of pocket scrapbooking, you probably have them.  You know - the ones with the rounded corners, or sentiments that just don't do anything for you, or patterns that leave you feeling "meh".  I think of these as the unloved cards and I certainly have my share of them.

Before I even completed my first Project Life or pocket page scrapbook, I had purchased a number of sets of pocket cards.  Some of these I'd split with a fellow scrapbooker but I still had more than I would probably ever use.  My favorites quickly found their place in a pocket but there were still plenty that just languished there in a drawer.  In my never-ending quest to get organized and rid myself of items that I know I will never use, I eventually came across that drawer of pocket cards.  I decided it was time to win that particular battle and do something with them once and for all.

My first step was to quickly sort through them with a "take no prisoners" mentality: I rapidly made a pile of cards that I thought I could use in some way, along with an even larger pile of cards that would be making it out of my house in one way or another.

Next, I took a closer look at the first pile.  There were cards that I thought would make good layers on scrapbook pages: some pretty patterns, some vellums and some transparencies.  I put those into my box of scraps and that whittled down the pile a bit.

I also had a small group of instax-size cards and decided to trim them into tags.  I can use these on layouts, cards or in pockets.  That took care of another little group of cards.

There were some 4x6 cards with appealing designs but I wasn't a fan of their rounded corners.  To salvage these, I just cut them down to 3x4 cards, a nice and easy fix.

Some cards had a sentiment that I liked but again, the rounded corners were a deal-breaker for me.  I grabbed a couple of different sized circle punches and punched the sentiments out to make my own die-cuts.  I can definitely see myself using these now!

I wanted to share a tip that helped me with the circle punching.  Sometimes it's a little difficult to make sure that the design would be centered or that I'd use the correct size punch.  I took a scrap piece of paper, punched out a circle using each of the punches I had, and then held the paper over the cards to figure out which punch to use.

My little template really helped me to see the best fit for the design before I punched and possibly ruined the card.

I also fussy-cut some pieces out from the cards, like a heart, typewriter and tiny labels.  Again, I am much more likely to use them by themselves than when they were part of the cards.

And before I realized it, I'd made my way through my "keeper" pile!  Between adding them to my scrap box to use for layers, making tags, trimming them to smaller sizes, punching circles and fussy-cutting, I turned the unloved cards into elements that I'm sure I will use.

And just to keep up the momentum, I challenged myself to make a layout using what I'd repurposed.  Here's how that turned out:

I used a few of the transparencies (a full 3x4 and a couple of fussy-cut pieces, a tag and one of the punched circles.

It's nice to see these supplies with new eyes and find different uses for them!

So what did I do with that second pile?  I put some of the cards in my donate pile but I saved some of them and I'd like to share them with you!  You can either use them as they are or repurpose them like I did.  I'll give away this stack to someone - just leave me a comment below and I'll randomly choose a winner in a week or so.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by today!

October 13, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2010

Hello and welcome back to the next part of my December Daily Revisited Series! Today I'm taking a look at my 2010 album. 

I used an album that looks like an empty book with a binder mechanism inside.  I have no idea where I got it but I wish I could remember so that I could get another one!  It's roughly 6-1/2"x9" and I covered parts of the outside covers and the entire inside covers with patterned paper.  I embellished the front cover with ribbon and die-cuts, and once again I am numbering each day.

I have two favorite pages and they are favorites because of the stories they hold.  Each one focuses on one of my daughters and they capture memories that I'm sure I wouldn't have remembered otherwise.

The journaling on these pages is handwritten, which I think fits the nature of the stories.  When I flipped through the album I discovered that I hand-wrote all my journaling that year.  I usually prefer handwritten journaling over typewritten journaling - it's quicker which is a big advantage for working on the project at this busy time of year.  I'll usually type my journaling if I have a lot to say and/or space is an issue.

Another page that caught my eye was this one:

It tells the story of a basket that holds our Christmas card address book and the non-photo cards we receive during the season.  Even though I don't use the address book anymore, I have kept it for sentimental reasons - it holds names and addresses of people no longer with us and I just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

I also included a purely decorative page.  Sometimes there might not be a story to tell and you might want to use a filler page.  This was a pretty simple grid that I made with small punched photo squares and pieces of patterned paper.

So if you're getting overwhelmed and just don't have the time to delve into a long story, maybe you'd like to consider making a similar page.  You can make it even easier by just adding a 4x6 photo.

And sometimes, you might want to include a list of things to remember about your day.  You could jot notes on paper or your phone during the day and then when you're ready to make your page, the bulk of the work is done for you.  I included this type of page in my 2010 album:

And that's a wrap on my 2010 December Daily. 
If you missed my earlier posts, you can find them here:

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back with a peek at my 2011 album in a few days.

October 10, 2018

Elle's Studio October Reveal and Projects

It's hard to believe it's already time for another reveal for Elle's Studio!  The October monthly kit and add-ons have some amazing items, so let's get right to it...

Here is the October 2018 monthly kit:

I really love the colors this month, especially the pretty blue and orange shades! There are plenty of autumnal patterns but there's definitely a great selection of motifs that will suit everyday life activities as well.  

And just look at the add-ons...

What a selection!  There's a new 6x6 paper stack called Sweater Weather, a Thankful Stamp, Puffy Stars and Dots Stickers (you know that I love these!), and Coffee, Trick or Treat, Halloween, and Home Sweet Home wood veneer. 

As usual, the digital offerings include cut files, print-and-cut labels, and more pocket cards:

And, if that's not enough, "From Sketch to Finish, Vol. 4" is available today as well!

It is chock-full of versatile sketches, along with some amazing pages by an awesome group of contributors - you'll definitely want to add this to your arsenal for a creativity jump-start!

I used this month's products to put together two pocket spreads.  The first one captures little bits of my everyday life as the season changes from summer to autumn.

I started with the pocket cards in the October monthly kit, and included one of the Coffee Journaling Tags, which actually documents a tea drink but see how well it works? 

I cut apart one of the pocket cards to help tell the story of the books currently on my nightstand.

This multi-colored and patterned 3x4 card was one of my favorites and I embellished it simply with an Autumn Fun Sticker that I placed on top of a circle die-cut from the monthly kit.

I used the "start here" pocket card to document what I found when I emptied my porch flower pots - I like the way the boxes and arrow interact to guide your eye through the words.

And then I accented the page with more die-cuts and several stars from the Puffy Stars and Dots Stickers.

My second pocket card page definitely has a more seasonal feel.

I fussy-cut the speech bubbles from one pocket card and then adhered them to another card with a little dimensional adhesive.  I used a die-cut and two Autumn Fun stickers to fill the speech bubbles.

I think the Home Sweet Home wood veneer was my favorite piece this month and I used puffy heart stickers from previous releases to fill the hearts already on the piece.  I love how sweet this looks!

Gratitude is a common theme around this time of year, so I added the 4x6 "so many things to be thankful for" card to the spread and then filled in the spaces with my handwritten words, stickers from the Coffee Phrase stickers, and a phrase from the Autumn Fun stickers

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you'll visit Elle's Studio here and do a little shopping!

October 8, 2018

December Daily Revisited - 2009

I'm back today with a look back at my 2009 December Daily album.  This one was homemade - I covered two pieces of 7"x9" chipboard with patterned paper and added two binder rings to hold everything together.

Once again I used numbers and recorded one story a day.  I included some longer stories with a mix of handwritten and typed journaling.  The inside features papers of different sizes but all of them are smaller than the book cover.

Here's my favorite page:

It's a photo-less pocket and tucked inside are my family's answers to a very simple Christmas favorites quiz:

I'm happy to have each family member's handwriting in my album and I think it will be fun to look back at our answers.  In fact, maybe I'll ask everyone to answer the questions again this year.

In looking back through this album, I discovered that I used a few of these quiz-type techniques to tell more about that year's holiday season.  Here are a few more of them...

This "For Today" concept was something I found on a blog many years ago and I love how the prompts help to capture a day in such a simple way.  I wish I could remember the name of the blog and the author but I've lost the bookmark over the years.  If this looks familiar to you, please let me know - I'd love to credit the author.

Here's another twist on journaling: pairing two words to give a quick snapshot of the day.  Again, this was something I found on a blog but can't remember the original source.  

And one final quiz with my answers.

So if you're struggling on a particular day or you aren't sure what you want to say on a page,  try using quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, and other word games.  They're a quick and easy way to add journaling to your project and get other voices in your album.

Thanks for stopping by for another walk down December Daily lane.  I'll be back shortly with a look at my 2010 project.