November 23, 2015

Felicity Jane November Kit

Time to share a few layouts from my Felicity Jane November kit "Savannah". I love the colors of the kit - they're not traditional autumn hues but they definitely fit the season.

Once again, I used the fun branding strips at the top and bottom of my first page:
I couldn't resist using the pretty pink fiber from the kit to tie my two photos together.

For my second layout, I used the leaf stamp from the kit's stamp set and some gold metallic ink to make my own background paper:
I used items from both the cut-apart sheet and the subscriber printables as embellishments, trying to stay with the blue and yellow/gold color scheme.

I got a little (well, maybe more than a little) scissor-happy with the last page. I used that same leaf stamp, the printables and some oversize gold confetti circles to make a border on the left of my page:
The title is a combination of phrase stickers and brush-script words from the kit, and I  added two hearts and three little labels to finish off the page.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I've put aside the rest of my kit for now. I still have quite a bit left so maybe after I've had my fill of stuffing I'll work on a few more layouts. Thanks for popping in - hope all is well in your corner of the world!

November 20, 2015

CKC Thanks and Gratitude Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my little stop on the CKC Thanks and Gratitude Blog Hop. We are all using some lovely printables created by the very talented Allison Kimball. You can find the printables here and here

I used the set of small book covers from 7 Gypsies that I included in my November kit to make a  mini-book to record the things (big and small) for which I am especially grateful this month.
The book covers are 3-1/2" by 5-1/2" so I began by reducing Allison's gratitude lists to roughly 3" by 5" - I wanted to adhere them to patterned paper leaving a border around them. After I printed and cut them, I selected the two black & white patterned papers from my kit. I cut those each in half horizontally and then scored and folded them in accordion fashion so that each page would be just slightly less than the size of the covers.
I attached the first and last page to the album covers and then the rest of the pages to each other, right sides facing out.
I placed a gratitude card on each page and added either washi or one of the leftover triangle acetate pieces from my kit for a little color on each page. The cover had an oval cut-out that I filled with a stamped piece that I made when I was working on my forgeries  and a word phrase from my supplies.

I kept the book out in plain sight over the last couple of weeks and jotted down my notes as I thought of them.

This was a nice way to add a little more meaning to this season of gratitude and I'm hoping to make this mini-book an annual tradition!

Now, please head over to Susanne's blog to see her lovely project. Here's the complete list of the participants in the blog hop in case you missed something along the way:

Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog

November 17, 2015

Crayons & Circles & Journaling Strips: The End of My November Kit

After all my struggles with the pie chart layout I posted last time, I thought I was pretty much over my "Gather Together" kit. I'd already gotten 8 layouts out of it and was pretty happy with that total. But as I started sifting through what I had left, I discovered that I wasn't quite done with the kit after all.

When I'd been selecting my paper for the kit, I really wanted to combine these two particular pieces from Amy Tangerine's Finders Keepers collection on a layout:

I loved how they looked together but I hadn't done anything with them yet. Although I didn't have a complete piece of either one, I was able to put together this quick layout:

I used another leftover sheet of patterned paper on this page:
I wrote my journaling on a white tag and slipped it under my photo:
I cut out some of the circles from the paper under the photo and placed them on pop dots on a few places around the layout:

I still had quite  a number of pocket cards left so I got out a circle punch and went to work. I then traced messy outlines on each one and arranged them in rows on the bottom of a sheet of white cardstock:
One of the cards had a pretty pink watercolor heart that I cut out and stamped with a sentiment to use for the title of my page. 

Since the title was "Everyday Moments", I brainstormed a list of things that are happening in my life right now, typed and printed them from my computer, cut them into strips and arranged them all around the heart. I topped off the page with a branding strip and another stamp:
I'm really happy with this page - I think it's my favorite one from this kit.

So now I felt that I was truly done with November's kit and was ready to put the leftovers away. Here's what remained:
Not too bad at all - I think I got good use out of my supplies this time. 

And remember all these stamps that I included -
I'm happy to say that I used at least one stamp from every set this month and in many cases I used many more than one. If you have a neglected supply, I definitely recommend including it in your kit. If it's readily available, you'll get much more use out of it.

I have one more item from my November kit to share with you on the 20th - please stop in then to see a special seasonal project!

November 12, 2015

"That" Layout

Have you ever gotten an idea for a scrapbook page and just weren't able to let go of that idea until you got that page made? This is the saga of that layout...

I've seen a lot of hand-stitching on pages lately and that, combined with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, gave me an idea for a page. I wanted to make a photo-less page and combine stitching and patterned paper into a pie chart to illustrate the make-up of my plate on Thanksgiving. (I don't really like the traditional turkey-mashed potatoes-gravy and instead fill up on stuffing and veggies). My idea didn't seem too complicated and so I pulled out my "Gather Together" kit to get started bringing my vision to life. 

My first attempt involved making a template for my pie chart on some scrap paper, then tracing the various pieces of the pie onto different pieces of patterned paper. So far, so good. I assembled the chart on some white cardstock, trimming the slices here and there to get a good fit. It took a little more time than I expected to get my pie in a nice circular shape. I used a needle to poke stitching holes around the edge of the circle and between the slices of the pie, threaded the needle with white crochet thread and started stitching. And there the problems began...

Since my cardstock base was white, the stitches just faded right into the background. And since the seams between the patterned paper slices weren't exactly even, some of the stitches disappeared under the paper. After stitching just a small part of the chart, I decided to move on to Plan B.

I thought that instead of sewing around the chart (even though that really was a highlight of the original plan), I'd use a black pen to outline it. Since I'd already put holes in the background paper, I carefully removed all the pieces of the chart, reassembled them on a fresh piece of cardstock and started outlining.

I first drew dotted lines to give the chart a faux stitching look but quickly decided to just go with a solid outline instead. And again, because of those uneven seams between the pieces, the lines looked wobbly and messy. After outlining just one or two lines, I got irritated and decided that I really didn't want to make this layout after all and I tossed everything into my trash basket.

Fast forward to the next day and that layout is still on my mind. I decided to try a new tactic and see whether I could salvage any of the pieces from the failed attempt of the day before.

This time, I stitched first and used black embroidery thread. Much better! Then I fished yesterday's experiment out of the trash and rescued the few pie slices that hadn't been outlined or stitched. I carefully measured and trimmed the remaining slices and finally, I had my pie. I thought I was home free...

I wanted a stamped title on my page and instead of getting the smaller stamping block that was in the next room, I used the large one that was out on the table. Unfortunately, that large block ended up with some stray ink on the edges and that ink smeared along the top edge of my page. I decided to trim the white cardstock and mat the layout on patterned paper. Crisis averted.

Now even though I carefully measured out the spacing of the letter for my title, I still ended up with a gap between the two large words. No worries, I thought; I'll just stamp something between the words to fill the space. Good save - I thought I was off the hook.
Just as I'm about to move on to the journaling, I drop an inked stamp on the bottom of the layout, and of course it landed ink-side down, leaving me with a lovely splat of black ink in what had been my journaling space. At this point, I realize that it's either the layout or me and I am going to come out on top.

I cut an arrow out of patterned paper, cover up the spot and add my journaling.
And at long last, my layout is done:

It will be quite some time before I attempt another pie chart.

November 10, 2015

More "Gather Together" Layouts

Hello! I'm back with three more layouts from my November "Gather Together" kit.

Up first is a layout using one of my favorite stitching techniques - reverse matting. I learned this technique in a youtube video by Tracy Banks. She's known on youtube as "Mercytiara" and you can find the video in which she demonstrates this technique here. I really liked the scripted patterned paper from Scraptastic, and I covered up just enough of the paper to keep it from overwhelming the photo:
I layered several pocket cards under the photo to add a little color to that side of the page and wrote my journaling on another pocket card.
I mentioned that I am determined to use the stamp sets I included in my kit and I made good progress on that goal with these next two layouts. This first page was inspired by a prompt in the October Scrap Happy members' only LOAD to scrap about a woman who is a strong influence in my life. I arranged some of the Basic Grey frames on the left side of my page and then stamped some icons and phrases in some of the empty spaces.

On this last layout, I used a frame stamp to make a background for my photo, and again added more stamps in the empty spaces.

The title is also a stamp. I like the brush script that I've been seeing everywhere lately but I don't have the talent to do it myself. I discovered a stamp set from Honey Bee Stamps that will let me give my layouts that brush script touch.
 A couple strips of washi tape and a few flair finish off the page.
Are you playing along with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog this month? Don't forget to add your projects to the monthly link up so we can all see what you've been working on!

November 8, 2015

Layouts from My "Gather Together" CKC November Kit

I put quite a few stamp sets in my "Gather Together" kit and am determined to get good use out of them this month. The pages I'm sharing today all have some stamping on them.

For this first layout, I used a leaf stamp on some of the pocket cards in my kit and then cut out the leaves and arranged them in a border at the top and bottom of my page. Since my sewing machine was handy, I stitched over the leaves just to add a little something more to the design. The rest of the layout is pretty simple - my photo, journaling on another pocket card, a couple of strips of washi and a few more leaves tucked under the picture.

I used a couple of my forged icons on the next layout. The design of this page is pretty simple, too - patterned paper strips down the center of the cardstock, two photos, a pocket card title and embellishments in the two outer columns. I used two of my icons and a few of the acrylic triangles from Pinkfresh Studio that I included in my kit. I added my journaling at the edges of the patterned paper and the layout was done.

My last layout today uses both the forged icons and more stamps. I printed out several small square photos and arranged them in sets of two in an assortment of frames from Basic Grey. I added some stamped phrases and a polka dot border on or near the frames and then scattered my journaling around the page.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back in a couple days with more layouts from this kit.

November 6, 2015

CKC November Kit - Layout for Challenge #1

Each month the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog issues three challenges to help you use up your counterfeit kit for the month.  Here is my layout for the first challenge for November: I hate it! Do a project sharing something that you just don't like.
I put a little twist on the "currently" layout trend I've been seeing lately. These layouts usually give a quick snapshot of life by providing the answers to a list of "-ing" activities (reading, eating, watching, enjoying, loving, etc.) I already had a "currently" pocket card in my kit and I just added a handwritten "not" in front of the three categories listed. I unleashed my inner cranky curmudgeon to complain about what I'm not loving, not watching and not eating.
The design and colors of the layout are upbeat and happy, in complete opposition to my topic. I matted a piece of trimmed white cardstock onto a teal polka dot background paper. I added a hand-drawn border around the edge of the page, along with a couple strips of washi tape at the top and bottom.
I used some of the stamps in my kit: a "life sometimes gets messy" phrase at the bottom, a date stamp at the top and a clip on the top of my pocket card. I trimmed a pocket card to put behind part of my title and tucked two more pocket cards behind the "currently" card.
So are you ready to take on this challenge and make a project featuring something you just don't like? Go ahead - get it all out! And don't forget to add your project to the CKC  monthly link-up!