May 29, 2016

More Felicity Jane "Note to Self" Layouts

I'm back today with three more pages that I made using the "Note to Self" Felicity Jane kit.

The topic of this first page came from prompt #212 on the Whimsical Musings blog - be inspired by daily. I used this 2014 sketch from the Citrus Twist Kits blog.

The photos were taken as part of my "Week in the Life" project. The journaling is about how I try to start every day.

The second page was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to try something a little different with the cute sheet of multi-color polka dot paper that came in the kit. I had the idea to cut some circles into the sheet and pop the entire page up on dimensional adhesive so the layout would have a somewhat shadow box look.
I was able to use a punch for the circles close to the edge but had to trace and hand cut the circles further from the edge. 
I filled in the spaces with smaller punched circles; some are placed on pop dots but others are just adhered directly to the cardstock. I added more circles that I stamped with the set that came in the kit.
I added the title with letters from my supplies and then wrote my journaling, which corresponds to the stamped circles. It reads:
Remember to learn - be open to throughout your life to opportunities to educate yourself.
Remember to laugh - try not to take things (or yourself) too seriously.
Remember to work hard - make your dreams a reality.
Remember to play - you're never too old to have fun.
Remember to smile - there are so many wonderful things in life to enjoy.

For my final page, I was again inspired by the Whimsical Musings blog and used prompt #213 - be inspired by the selfie. 
I'm not a fan of photos of myself but I'm trying to learn to like them because I think it's important that I actually be on the pages I create. An angled shot and black & white prints help make a selfie more tolerable. I arranged multiple copies of a couple of small photos into two photo strips and adhered them on the diagonal on the ledger paper included in the kit.
I loved that cute pink typewriter on the sticker sheet that came in the kit and I stamped "note to self" on the paper coming out of the top of it.
I cut the branding strips and little bits of the patterned paper into banner shapes and placed them in a vertical row down the right edge of the page. I put the adhesive only on the right edge of the banners and then used my fingers to curl up the loose edges just a bit to add some interest to the page.

May 27, 2016

Felicity Jane "Note to Self" Kit Layouts

Working with Counterfeit Kits on a monthly basis has helped me with two important scrapbooking skills:
1. I've refined my style, meaning that I know what types of supplies I like most and also that I've now got an arsenal of "go-to" designs.
2. I scrap faster because I scrap more often and waste less time looking for supplies.

The Whimsical Musings blog is a wonderful resource - the long list of prompts provide me with lots of page topics. 

In addition, I really like working with Felicity Jane kits.  I am always very inspired by the contents of the black and white striped box that arrives at my door every month.

So while the past six weeks were filled with a multitude of events on a personal level, I was able to put together a number of layouts in the limited time I had available because of those three assets I mentioned above.

I made five layouts using the Felicity Jane May kit ("Note to Self"). Four of the page topics were inspired by prompts from Whimsical Musings. 

Whimsical Musings Prompt #31 (be inspired by spring) provided me with the idea for this  page about lilacs:
I have made many pages about my love for this flower. I love their scent, and they are all the more special to me because they are so short-lived. Nothing else says spring to me like lilacs in bloom. 
My journaling is short and sweet: 
I can't imagine anything sweeter than the scent of lilacs. Heaven must smell like this.
My second page was inspired by Whimsical Musings prompt #78 (inspired by missing someone or something) and is about my beloved grandmother.
I've been using lots of punched circles on pages lately - they're a great way to get a variety of patterns on a page without overwhelming it with color or design.
I especially liked the "hello" paper and it was perfect for my page about the return of our hummingbirds.
Again, my journaling was short and sweet:
Our hummingbirds seem to return every spring just around May 7th, Nana's birthday. She is always on my mind more at that time of year, and now I like to think that she sends the hummingbirds back.

I'll be back again soon with my three other Felicity Jane pages.

May 25, 2016

CKC May Layout - 12

I have one last scrapbook page to share from my May CKC kit, "The Icing on the Cake". I was inspired by prompt #93 on the Whimsical Musings blog - document the everyday. It's important to record those little memories of regular life because those small details sometimes change all too quickly. I've been trying to make several layouts a year on this theme and I think I will love looking at them and remembering all the fun pieces of my life during a particular time period.
I didn't use any photos on this page - I'm relying on the words to record the memories this time. I used thin strips of paper and washi as my base and then wrote my everyday details on the labels I included in my kit. I attached pop dots to the labels before adhering them to the page.
I used acetate numbers for my title, and then filled in the center space above and below the paper strip/label block with some rub-ons and a die-cut mounted on a little banner. 
And now I'm ready to move on to a new month - stop back in on the 1st and see what we'll be using as inspiration for June!

May 20, 2016

CKC May Layout - Happiness is Found Here

Whew! Just a little over halfway through May and between graduations, a baby shower, planning a grad party, trying to get my gardens weeded and planted, getting the yard in shape for summer, preparing for vacation and all the other activities of everyday life, it's been hard to find time to scrapbook. And doesn't it always seem that the one thing you don't have time to do is the one thing you really want to do?! Sigh...

I did manage to spend a little time scrapping and have a page to share with you today. I used my May CKC kit - "The Icing on the Cake" and put together this page about our front porch:
I overlapped two 4x6 photos for a panoramic view of the front of our house. I need to add the date of the photos - our house is no longer white, we removed the porch railings a few years ago, we've changed the cushions on the glider several times and the hostas have really filled in the front border. That's something I love about memory-keeping: looking back and seeing how things have changed (or sometimes not changed).
I used the My Mind's Eye alpha rub-ons I included in my kit. They are close to ten years old but they went on perfectly. The only problem I had was trying to come up with a title because the sheet contained just one or two of each letter. I added a chipboard "Happiness is" banner, also from My Mind's Eye, to the top to serve as the first part of the title. I kept everything centered, a design I use when my time is limited. The rose banner under the photo is the branding strip from the gray woodgrain background paper. The black and white floral tile design is a Maggie Holmes rub-on and the triangle banner is another chipboard piece.
I wrote my journaling under the last banner, added a pink chipboard heart and finished the page with a sentiment from a Maggie Holmes roller stamp. I think there might be a learning curve for stamping a proper image with a roller stamp - I practice a few times before stamping on a layout but I still have problems getting a clean image most of the time. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Any tips to share?

I did sneak in one more page with this kit - I'll be back in a few days with the details. Thanks for stopping in - hope you're enjoying your May!

May 16, 2016

Week in the Life

Last week I participated in "Week in the Life", a project developed by Ali Edwards that helps me capture the everyday moments of life over a seven-day period. 
I have successfully completed WITL twice before: in 2008 and 2010. I attempted it last year but abandoned it a little over midway through after I took only a couple of photos on one of the days and then sort of lost momentum. I was determined that this year would be different and here's why...
WITL is really the only short-term project I do that gives an overall view of our life. My scrapbook pages generally focus on one person, place, or thing at a time and you'd have to look at an awful lot of my layouts to get the complete picture.

WITL is a project that also gives me ideas for other stories I want to tell. When I look at some of the photos I took last week, I've made some wonderful discoveries, including the story about how I spend my leisure time has changed over the years, the story of a little post-it note reminder that has been on every one of our calendars for the past four years, and the story of the items I keep both in the console of my car and my cup-holder.
WITL makes me appreciate the ordinary, the routine, the usual. And it helps me to see that what is ordinary, routine and usual right now may not be so next year or ten years from now. When I completed WITL previously, both our daughters were in high school; now the oldest has embarked on a teaching career and the youngest just graduated from college. Our family dynamic is completely different than it was back then.
WITL has improved my photography a bit. I put more thought into what I photographed and I tried to capture things from a different angle or perspective. And when I look at my photos, I clearly see what is important to me. In addition to family members, I have many photos of my garden and nature, our kitchen, and the sights on my daily walks.
Time for a little true confession here: WITL also encouraged me to do a little more than I might otherwise have during that week. I'm not saying that I went overboard trying to make my life look more interesting than usual but I did make a couple of little changes. For example, I'd gotten lax about my daily walks but the thought of taking my camera along with me on my miles around my neighborhood got me back on track.
WITL fell at a perfect time for me this year - the week ended on my daughter's commencement weekend. My photos and stories are a combination of the usual and the special.
During WITL, I learned that it's ok not to capture every single moment. Since this project is spread out over a week, I have a nice mix of photos and stories. It's not about one particular moment but about the sum of the moments over seven days. Every day brought a new start and new stories.
And continuing with that thought of focusing on the big picture, I've decided that I will go back and complete last year's WITL with the photos/notes I have and won't worry that I didn't initially complete the project. I have more than enough to document most of that week and that's what is important to me. An abbreviated look at that time of my life is still worthwhile and will be interesting to me as the years pass.

Most of all, WITL has emphasized to me that my story really does matter and I need to be the one to tell it.
*All digital word art on my photos was designed by Ali Edwards. You can find most of these items in her shop and can read her perspective on WITL on her website.

May 12, 2016

May CKC Layout - Favorite Story

Just popping in to share a quick layout from my May CKC kit. This page has no photos but it does have a little reminder to myself to capture the small, ordinary stories. I've found over the years that those are the moments I love remembering most.
I arranged three frames in a diagonal line, and slipped my journaling (written on white cardstock) under the middle frame. I used a cute little chipboard typewriter to hold my title, which is a rub-on phrase.
I placed a square of blue vellum under the top frame and then added a few embellishments here and there around the page. The gold feathers and epoxy shapes were from the items I forged earlier this month
I drew a double border around the page to contain all the elements. This has become one of my go-to techniques lately.

Did you join in with us this month? Don't forget to add your kit and layout to our links here.

May 8, 2016


So yesterday was International Scrapbook Day and though I didn't think I would be able to celebrate, I got the chance to spend a little part of the day scrapbooking.

To be completely honest, I was a little overwhelmed with all the challenges popping up on scrapbooking social media sites, particularly in some of the Facebook groups in which I participate. I like working on challenges because they definitely spark or stretch my creativity but they were coming up so fast and furious it was hard to follow them. I finally just picked a couple and decided to revisit the rest when I had more time.

My first layout was not part of an INSD challenge but is a May sketch challenge on the Write.Click.Scrapbook blog. I chose the third sketch and used my Felicity Jane April kit to make this page:
My journaling is tucked behind the photo and I wrote about how I get stressed about hosting Easter because we have a lot of people to fit in our somewhat small house. This year, I came across an article about changing your perspective and it helped me realize that I'm lucky to have so many people to share the holiday - it definitely reduced my stress level.

This next page satisfied two challenges: a "grab five" challenge by Inkie Quill (aka Adele Toomey) on the Scrapaholics Anonymous Facebook group (use gold, wood veneer, hearts, floral paper, and word stickers) and a bingo challenge on the Mercy Tiara 27-Day Challenge Facebook group (use gold, mixed media, yellow, stamping and floral).
Most of this page came from my May CKC kit, except for the mixed media components and the woodgrain letter stickers. Having my kit handy definitely helped me get this page put together pretty quickly.

My final page was for a challenge issued by Jen Schow on the Felicity Jane Facebook group. It was a recipe challenge which called for the following items: something hidden, something you've been hoarding, kraft and stamping.
I store all my Felicity Jane kit leftovers in one large 12x12 Iris case and everything on this page came from that box. I've been hoarding that floral background and the woodgrain paper, my journaling is hidden in the kraft envelope and I used my favorite tiny heart trio stamp in several spots around the page.

At this point, I needed to clean up my dining room table since we are hosting a Mother's Day dinner today but I was happy with my three layouts. I wish I had taken a photo of the mess on the table though - it looked like "scrapageddon" with paper, embellishments and other odds and ends scattered everywhere!

Were you able to celebrate International Scrapbook Day?

May 7, 2016

Happy {Inter}National Scrapbook Day!

I first started scrapbooking about 20 years ago. We had taken a trip to Disney World and I wanted to do "something" with our photos - I didn't want them just sitting in a box in a closet. I was introduced to Creative Memories and scrapbooking has been part of my life since then. There have been times when I have scrapbooked every day and there have been times when I haven't scrapbooked for a year or two. But I always come back to this hobby.

I made this layout a few years ago, but all my reasons for scrapbooking still hold true today.
I scrapbook to leave a legacy. I scrapbook to capture the memories I know I would otherwise forget. I scrapbook to put names to faces, places and events. 
I scrapbook to leave the girls tangible documentation of their childhood. I scrapbook  to record traditions, big and small. I scrapbook to remember what "the good old days" were like.
I scrapbook to have a documented history of our lives. I scrapbook to keep beloved family members alive. I scrapbook to count my blessings. I scrapbook to be transported back in time at the sight of a particular item or person captured on film.
Scrapbooking makes me happy. 

Today is {Inter}National Scrapbook Day. I won't be able to spend any time today scrapbooking but that's ok - I'll be making memories instead. And sooner or later, I'll be back at my table, preserving and documenting those memories.

*The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog is also celebrating {I}NSD with tips and inspiration posted every two hours throughout the day. Please take a look at the CKC blog here & happy celebrating!

May 6, 2016

CKC May - Challenge #1

This month's assignment was definitely worthy of the term "challenge"! We were to feature a "Q" or a "K" on our project; we could use a monogram, include the letters in a BIG title, but it had to be included in something other than journaling.

This one had me stumped for a while. I thought "K" might be easier, so I made a little list of words that might be useful - key, kooky (maybe a silly page about my daughters), kitchen, kite, kids, kindergarten, ketchup (getting a little desperate here). Hmmm...let's try "Q" instead - quiet, questions, quote, quack (desperate again). Finally, I came up with "quilt" and things finally clicked into place.

I chose to hand-cut my large title (as per the challenge) and then stitched it to my page. I also stitched the photos in a few spots as well. (After looking at my page for a couple days, I decided that the title blended too much into the white cardstock background. I wanted to line the edges with ink but since the letters were already stitched to the page, that just seemed like an accident waiting to happen. I finally outlined the letters with a black pen and am happier with the final look of the page. The detail photos that follow were taken before I outlined the letters.)
My journaling tells the story of this heirloom quilt which was hand-stitched by my husband's grandmother and passed down to us. Since the photos are so colorful and the title is so large, I kept the embellishments small and simple - stamped hearts and a little chipboard word in three places on the page.
And so while this challenge was, well, challenging at first, I'm very happy that it lead me to this story and that I've recorded an important bit of our family history.
Now it's your turn to take this challenge. Don't forget to link your project on the CKC blog here.

May 4, 2016

Forgeries on the Fourth

The fourth of the month means that it's time to share how I "forged" a couple of items I included in my May Counterfeit Kit. 
There were lots of candidates in our inspiration kit this month (Quirky Kit Main, Quirky Kit Lite and Quirky Kit Embellishment) but I settled on the color-blocked wood veneer and the flair found in the main and embellishment kits.

I'd like to note here that I didn't come up with these techniques all on my own; there are several how-to videos and tutorials out there to help you replicate these embellishments. For additional information on the flair, you can watch Adele Toomey's (aka Inkie Quill) youtube video here. Nancy Damiano shows you her technique for painting wood veneer in this video.

Back to my forgeries...let's start with the flair. The one supply you might not have on hand for this are these self-adhesive epoxy dots. I got these from Amazon and they were pretty inexpensive - under $5 for 50 dots. They were available in several sizes; I ordered the 1-inch size because I had a 1-inch circle punch to match.
To make the flair you'll also need a circle punch in the same diameter as your epoxy dots, and some paper scraps. I looked through my scrap box and chose a few pieces that matched my kit.
Next, punch some circles from the scraps:
I tried to punch some of the icons and words from my papers as well as just the general designs. Once you're done punching circles, you just need to top them with the epoxy dots. I found it easiest to hold a dot in one hand and a circle in the other and just move them together until they met and adhered.
Here's a look at the result:
The two-tone flair in the top row is actually two strips of washi on top of cardstock and the teal flair in the bottom row is vellum. (A little tip for punching vellum - sandwich it between two thin pieces of scrap paper before punching.) I like that I can customize the flair to meet my needs and that the epoxy dots have a thinner profile than most flair so they won't add too much bulk to my page.

For my second forgery, I grabbed a few pieces of wood veneer, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and some washi tape.
I used the washi to mask off a line on my veneer and painted them first with white paint.
Once that dried, I added colors.
I put two coats of color on for even coverage. I did have a little bleed-through on a couple but I think it was because I hadn't completely pressed the washi down on the veneer. 

Once the paint dried, I peeled off the washi and here is the result:
Those gold feathers are my favorite and will definitely be making an appearance on some pages this month.

Both of these forgeries were quick and easy and I was very happy with the results. I hope you'll give them a try - leave me a comment if you do. Don't forget to check out the other forgeries on the blog this month too. You can read all about them here.